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Create a loving intimate relationship with the Universe.

Why does wealth|MATRIX differ from all the other online visualisation tools that are out there? Soul Connection through the Emotional Centre with the Divine Universe...THE ONE.

Reprogram your mind for wealth consciousness.

All Is One is ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by eliminating limiting beliefs that are hindering us from pursuing our dreams. We adopt a powerful mindset that unlocks a life that we are truly capable of living. We all need encouragement to reach our fullest potential. We believe everyone should have money and comfort in life and we envision a massive leap forward in the evolution of humanity where all poverty has been eradicated.

Manifest your goals, dreams and desires with secretive reprogramming technology.

In order to achieve a prosperous life you need to change your mind about yourself. You need to change the hard wiring in the brain and the mind. To change this wiring that has set in, new neural pathways are required in the brain for new more positive prosperity thoughts to flow through. This reprogramming of the brain and mind is what All Is One Matrix Reprogramming is all about. We want to change your mind so that you can become the best that you can be.

You Are Greater Than You Think You.

You are today because of what you think you are today. You are what you are today because of your mindset. If you would like to be a millionaire, a multi-millionaire or even a billionaire you have to be able to conceive of owning a million dollars or more. If you are working a job for fifteen thousand dollars per year then it may be difficult to imagine yourself earning one million. Your mindset was developed as you grew up according to your surroundings and circumstances. If your parents complained a lot about money or your family struggled financially then you probably have a lot of programming that is prohibiting you from achieving wealth in your life. All Is One provide innovative tools for reprogramming your mind for wealth consciousness. We are assisting as much as we possibly can the birthing of a new Golden Age through Divine Guidance from The One. The One...all that is, all that exists, the universe, the intelligent consciousness that permeates everything, the sum total, mother nature, divinity, universal consciouness.

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"Another MASTERPIECE with just the right music. Thank you for your time and efforts. Blessings"

Ruth Nelson

"The songs are perfect! Everything is perfect about this video! The pictures and video is truly the best! This spoke to my heart! The song at the beginning speaks to my heart because I am actually healing from post partum anxiety right now and everything in this video is perfect! I wish all 7 billion people on the planet would watch your videos, we are all one! When we all watch the videos and visualise a better future we help to raise the vibration of the mass consciousness to make this whole world more peaceful and loving! May all people on this planet live in prosperity, health, and peace and happiness as the Great Source intended all of us to live! Many Blessings to you! "

Heather Saavedra

"Another outstanding creation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

John Durante

"Your opening people's eyes hearts minds and consciousness to be one. Beautiful new world x"

Anne Marie Lochhead

"Thank you for this video. It spoke directly to my heart. Godspeed!"


"We love you. Thank you. Know that we share your vision, and we will use your videos to BANISH ALL DARKNESS AND ALL IGNORANCE FROM OUR ENTIRE PLANET! GO...."ALL IS ONE"....TO THE RESCUE OF US ALL!!"

To Real Wealth

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Daniel Garff

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Aly Juma

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Ion Iacob

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